ProSounds H2P

ProSounds H2P
Short Description
Enhance and protect your hearing in the comfort of ProSounds' newest and most innovative product yet: The H2P.
Features and Specs
Battery: Uses size 10 Zinc Air batteries – one for each side
  • The batteries last up to 140 hours
  • Enhances Sounds (Up to 6x the normal hearing level)
  • Digital Compression (Compresses noice over 85 decibles)
  • External Battery Compartment (For instant battery changes)
  • Universal Secur-fit Design (Provides little to no visibility)

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Life is Loud

Did you know that any noise louder than 85 decibels can potentially cause permanent hearing damage? Every day, people all over the world are putting their hearing at risk in ignorance as they expose their hearing to damaging noises. At ProSounds, our number one priority is to take care of your hearing for you so you can focus on doing what you love – no matter how loud it may be!

H2P: The Best of Both Worlds

The most innovative product, Prosounds H2P gives you the best of both worlds by combining high-quality hearing enhancement with simultaneous hearing protection. Made from the ground up with the latest and greatest hearing technology, you will never have to miss out on the sounds you want to hear in order to preserve your hearing.

Live your life in surround sound

These universal application devices are easy to operate and can be used in any situation where loud noise is a concern.

Customize Hearing

The H2P lets you control your hearing experience by offering three unique styles of tips:

  • Foam Tip: This tip offers the most protection (30 dB).

  • Silicone Tip: The silicone tip gives you comfort (24 dB).

  • Tulip Tip: This unique tip is small and does not completely plug up the ear canal. This allows for natural sound to pass through the canal, letting the user experience a blend of enhanced as well as natural noise.

Innovative Design For A Comfortable Fit

The H2P has a sleek and stylish design that allows you to wear them inconspicuously inside the ear canal for extended periods of time without sacrificing any comfort or performance.




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